Toddler or Fraternity House? Same difference.

I’ve come to the realization that living with a toddler is pretty much the same as living with a fraternity house. Not *in* a fraternity house, but if you actual take an entire fraternity house and consolidate all the people and activities into one tiny body, you have a toddler.

>>Poop, pee and vomit can happen anywhere, anytime and -on occasion- simultaneously.
>>Unintelligible words or phrases are the norm.
>>Pay no attention to where you drop crumbs or leave partially eaten food. This food is fair game to be polished off any time you re-discover it.
>>Clothing is optional. And, when choosing an outfit, it need not match. Or be clean/free of stains. In fact, the hamper is an endless resource for fashion choices.
>>If something isn’t broken, break it by throwing it at someone or trying to ride it.
>>Falling down happens a lot.
>>Fight sleep.  There’s way too much fun to be had at 2 am.
>>Most messes can be dealt with by ignoring them until someone else cleans them up. Alternatively, you can toss a blanket over it.
>> Live like no one is watching, but know that everything you do is probably being recorded on a smart phone and can be uploaded to social media at any time for the amusement of others.


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