About Me

Hello world! My name is Heather…Wife, mom, pet owner, daughter, sister, worker bee, home owner, voter…on and on. Just living each day, remembering to be thankful for what I have and trying to make sense of this world I live in. This is my corner of the interwebs where I share and opine and meander through my thoughts in spare moments between chasing a toddler and chickens, working and cleaning, cooking and¬†exercising¬†Facebooking.

My primary interests (and what you’ll read about here mostly) are attachment(ish) parenting, green(ish) living, paleo(ish) eating. Why all the “ish-es?” Because one thing I’ve learned is that very few things in life are truly black and white. We live in a world with many shades of grey – where one choice vs another isn’t necessarily right or wrong, and what’s better or worse can change in the blink of an eye. Trying to live in a black and white world can drive you insane and force people to block you from their FaceBook feed (you know who you are, infographic FB’rs!).

Accepting life’s shades of grey* – be they the literal grey hair on your head or the juice they occasionally serve your toddler at daycare (even though she’s on the “no juice” list!!) – can help you focus on what’s truly important. Hopefully, you enjoy my journey down the middle path.

*Please don’t mistake this as a claim that I prance through life easily and gleefully accepting what comes my way. Oh no, I usually arrive there in retrospect after bouncing things around my brain and finally deciding that somewhere in the middle is the least stressful place to be. Anxiety is my co-pilot and I struggle every day to keep my hands on the controls!

me and munchie