The Family

Just a bit of info about the people and animals nearest and dearest to me in my daily life.

Ken – love of my life, my rock, my best friend, my soul mate….all the standard happily married stuff. But I really do mean it! He’s also an amazing father and one of the smartest people I know.

Caitlin – Our first child, born in Spring 2012. Genius child extraordinaire and all around spitfire of a personality. But I’m not biased or anything.

Jack Danger- Our final human expansion of the family, born Spring 2014. I didn’t think perfection could be repeated, but it was. (yes, Danger really is his middle name)

Peaches – Silly little rescue pup that adores the kids and they adore her back. She’s my shadow 24/7 and really helped to heal our hearts after we said goodbye to Echo.

Ruben – Adopted from the Wake County SPCA, Ruben loves cuddles, especially when they come with romaine, carrot or cilantro! He’s so sweet and reserved. A very polite piggy!

Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge:

Bibble – Another lovable piggy from the shelter, Bibbs was the master of wheeking to procure his favorite fresh food (parsley, celery and cilantro! I’m not sure how such a small animal can be so loud. He also loves being petted on his face and back.

Murray – Our pound “mutt”  that turned out to be a miniature schnauzer once we got him home from the humane society and professionally groomed. We adopted him a couple weeks before our first child was born and we could not ask for a more patient, tolerant and sturdy dog for a family (and young child!) companion.

Echo (Dana’s Black Ink, F. Ch.) – Retired racing greyhound aka Dana’s Black Ink, F.Ch. My once in a lifetime greyhound. In my life before kids, I traveled the country with her competing in ASFA lure coursing events. Not only a great competitor on the field, but a great companion at home. Echo went to the bridge in spring 2017 due to old age.

Melody (Jetabb Catfish) – Retired racing greyhound, aka Jetabb Catfish. Melody was also a star on my lure coursing team, with a Best In Field under her belt. She was one point away from her field champion title when she was forced into retirement by a foot injury that resulted in an amputated front toe. The most senior hound in the pack, she rules the pack with a velvet paw. Melody went to the Bridge in Sept 2014 from Osteo in her shoulder.

In a time before kids, Ken and I had the honor of sharing our lives with a rag tag group of retired racing greyhounds and staghound. At it’s peak, our pack was 21 hounds strong, making my childhood dreams come true. As time passed, we had human children Those beloved pups waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge:

  • Kali (RJs Parberg)
  • Star (Ks Dianne)
  • Dagger (Pat C Dagger)
  • Annie (Andrea Gayle)
  • Cass (Rapido Casino)
  • Erin (Andelisa)
  • Caesar (A’s Taipan)
  • Elvis (Trips to Open)
  • Grandpa (Tame Game)
  • Harmony (Jetabb Bluegill)
  • Bodhi Dogma (Wildcat Bob)
  • Aang
  • Traveler
  • Quilty (Quiltomatic)
  • Rocky (Tame Rocky)
  • Bucky (Buckshot Jones)
  • Scout (KGB Bonnie Girl)
  • Prajna (Crunchtime Casey)
  • Stella (U Too Navy Blue) – Nov 2011
  • Haley (Pin Oak Halley) 
  • Hanna (Fast Movin Mary)
  • Wuzho
  • Sarah (Sooner Sarah)
  • Matt (Fliowa Matt)– Aug 2012