The Family

Just a bit of info about the people and animals nearest and dearest to me in my daily life.

Ken – love of my life, my rock, my best friend, my soul mate….all the standard happily married stuff. But I really do mean it! He’s also an amazing father and one of the smartest people I know.

Caitlin – Our first child, born in Spring 2012. Genius child extraordinaire and all around spitfire of a personality. But I’m not biased or anything.

Jack Danger- Our newest (and final) addition, born April 2014. I didn’t think perfection could be repeated, but it was. (yes, Danger really is his middle name)

Echo – Retired racing greyhound aka Dana’s Black Ink, F.Ch. My once in a lifetime greyhound. In my life before kids, I traveled the country with her competing in ASFA lure coursing events. Not only a great competitor on the field, but a great companion at home.

Murray – Our pound “mutt”  that turned out to be a miniature schnauzer once we got him home from the humane society and professionally groomed. We adopted him a couple months before Munchie was born and we could not ask for a more patient, tolerant and sturdy dog for a toddler companion.

Melody – Retired racing greyhound, aka Jetabb Catfish. Melody was also a star on my lure coursing team, with a Best In Field under her belt. She was one point away from her field champion title when she was forced into retirement by a foot injury that resulted in an amputated front toe. The most senior hound in the pack, she rules the pack with a velvet paw. Melody went to the Bridge in Sept 2014 from Osteo in her shoulder